River Davis
Multi-talented Creative working in Art, Direction, Graphic Design, Photography, Video, & AI.
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River Davis is a multi-talented creative director and specialist known for crafting compelling visual narratives across multimedia campaigns, identity, and experience design. Having produced a diverse range of projects for companies and personalities ranging from Amazon and DJ Khaled, to Mercedes Benz, Donate Attention and the Center for Human Dignity, his versatile expertise encompasses work in emergent technologies, photography, videography, 2D/3D animation, AI, print, digital and web design, making him an asset in any creative endeavor.

Select Partners & Clients: Mercedes Benz, Amazon, Center for Human Dignity, Xbox Live, Ultra Music Festival, Spinnin Records, Bernar Venet Studio, Sotheby's, Bright Moments, NOTAGALLERY, Pantry Food Co., Donate Attention, BlessWell Co., Child of Wild.

venet event

Type: 360 International Creative Production, Visual Identity Design, Web Design, Video Production, Strategy, Live Experience.
Brands: Bernar Venet & Sotheby's
Creative Director: River Davis
Cinematography: Artykfilm, Julia Sandor
Sound Design: Mari Mako
Event production: Jaclyn Lavy
Marketing Director: Sophia.Duffie
Art Production: Bernar Venet & S.Ryan O'Connor
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Type: Experiential Event Production & Identity Design
Brand: Ntent, IPFS, & Obey
Creative Director: River Davis
Artist: Jiwa
Director of Photography: Justinas Milius
Photographer: DAAN-DAM
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ATM SS'23 RunWay SHow

Type: Social Video Campaign
Brand: atm_________
Designer: Selva
Video: Fashion Cine
Photo: Cinnamene
Social Video Editor: River Davis
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Time is running out

Type: Creative Direction & Design
Creative Director: River Davis
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Human Made

Type: Experiential Event Production & Identity Design
Brands: Ntent & Bright Moments
Creative Director: River Davis
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Yin Yang

Type: Social Video Strategy & Production
Brand: Child of Wild
Photo: Lexi Haslem
Video: River Davis

Eat Pantry

Type: Campaign Strategy & Video Production
Brand: Pantry Food Co.
Creative Directors: River Davis & Vinny Morael
Video Production & Post Production: River Davis


Type: Music Video Production
Brand: Luna Grazia
Director of Photography: River Davis

Center for Human dignity

Type: Graphic/Identity Design
Brand: Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities
Designer: River Davis
Agency: National Council for Disabilities


Type: Video Production
Brand: City of Budapest
Creative Director: River Davis
Director of Photography: Robert Basore
Editors & VFX: Brian Wieser, Robert Basore, River Davis